Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall News

Light Work, Syracuse NY
November 1 - December 16

The gallery reception for my show will be November 3 (5–8pm)  and also serves as the kickoff event to the Society of Photographic Education (SPE) Northeast/Mid-Atlantic regional conference titled Photographers + Publishing, which will be hosted by Light Work and Syracuse University.

Light Work gave me a free hand in putting together Contact Sheet, their award-winning publication which serves as a catalogue/monograph for artists exhibiting in the main gallery. A special conference edition will be published in a run of 250 which includes an original work of art.


Art of the Book
An exhibition in celebration of the Rochester Public Library 100th Anniversary
October 21 - December 4, 2011
Hours: Sun 1–5pm; Mon 12–8pm; Tue-Fri 10am–6pm; Sat 10am–5pm 

A book from the continuing "Hanging Index" series is on display at the Lower Link Gallery, Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County, 115 South Ave. (and was chosen as"best in show"[!]) This volume, Last Lines of Poetry, was deaccessioned from the Arnett branch and purchased through the Central Library bookstore. I highly recommend this store for your holiday shopping, if not for raw art materials.


. . . a journal of Anglophone poetries showcasing the emergent, the established, the undersung, printed "Facebookers," four pages from "face book" in the Fall 2011 issue. Many thanks to Edric Mesmer, chief collator. 

SMVB Catalog online

This year's New York Art Book Fair was a great success and a lot of fun. I managed to update my printed catalog for the occasion, adding half as many pages of new digital editions. Hannah Frieser, the director of Light Work and a veritable font of good ideas, prompted me to load it up to  <>. It's basically my books-in-print that can be found on the website but viewable in a virtual page-turning book space. Check it out.

Keith Smith: Book by Book

Bruce Silverstein Gallery, 535 W. 24th Street NYC
November 18, 2011 - January 7, 2010

This is a rare opportunity to see a collection of Keith's one-of-a-kind work and small editions. There is a nice preview of work on the gallery website.


Stay tuned for an exhibition of my work at the Cary Graphic Arts Collection, Wallace Learning Center, Rochester Institute of Technology. Dates TBA.

Have a colorful season.